Super DVD to PSP Converter


Maybe the fastest PSP video converter


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Super DVD to PSP Converter directly converts DVD movies to your PSP.

Super DVD to PSP Converter is really fast. In our test it has converted one DVD into MPEG-4 format (PSP supported) in just 35 minutes (it deppends on the PC you run the program). Using Super DVD to PSP Converter, you may convert almost all kinds of DVD to PSP video (mp4) format.

And it is very simple, all you need to do is connect your PSP to your PC and run Super DVD to PSP Converter. When the conversion is completed, you may watch movies on your PSP. Yes, without having to convert it into your HD and them upload to your PSP, it does it directly and upload the file at the same time it converts it.

It automatically detects the hardware configuration and makes an optimized conversion choice.

It also includes a useful function for busy users: the conversion process can be interrupted anywhere and the converted part is replayable.

In addition you can preview the result in its preview display.
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